Caught between the Beetle and the Block – Disregard


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caught beetle block


Namrata rests herself on the couch, looks at Arun’s frame and speaks to herself, spotlights on Namrata, the audience lends an ear to her conscience.

Namrata: Ever since you left, things went out of hands; our children refuse to comply with me. Ever since you left us, there has not been a day that we did not notice an argument. Rhea wants to pursue higher studies, in a foreign land; she has mastered the art of pretension. She wants to run away from me. Your son wants to follow her footsteps.  I want them to be happy but…

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Caught between the Beetle and the Block

Between the Beetle and the Block

Act I: Recognition

caught beetle block

The living room of Mrs. Namrata Ray in the heart of Kolkata, the adornment is opulent. Upstage center is the couch and a table, upstage right is a bookshelf stacked with the literary classics of all times, next to it is a stereo system and a few audio cassettes shrouded in dust. The Chandeliers reflect the bewitching blush of the spitting images of Lord Krishna put up on the wall.

There is a Hindu Alter towards the eastern corner, stacked with the idols of Lord Krishna besides it is a framed photograph of Mr. Arun Ray. A large window overlooks the garden: the staircase leads to the bedroom of Namrata visible through the screen light when it is back-lit & next to it is the room of her children Arnav and Rhea, visible through the screen light when it is back-lit. There is an exit to the main door and an exit to the kitchen next to it.

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Hen Party with my Best Friend

Hen Party – A party with my best friend

They had not fixed upon the date as yet when I started to chalk out plans for my hen party, and honestly it gives me goose bumps when I look back and think about those good old days when I was young and full of bouncy spirits. Chris and I were dating for like some five long years and it was like an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout, and we survived the apocalypse and decided to tie the knot. So with my wedding round the corner I called up Aleina, my best friend to help me out with the preparations and to amend and incorporate changes in my hen party.

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A Wish Not Granted

Wish not Granted

wish not granted

Where is he? Inquired the frantic father to his wife who stood numb for All efforts ended in smoke because nothing could stop Maneesh from pursuing the divine will to liberate himself from the clutches of an overshadowed life which otherwise was lived by him but was governed by the will of his Parents. The dark tremors of the past succeeded in its meek attempt to shake the very foundation of the family for Maneesh had liberated himself of his life of celibacy for good.

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