Technology Devil in disguise


Technology Devil

The dawn of twenty-first century witnessed the onset of denouement and as a word of honor ever since the advent of electronic media technology progressed in leaps and bounds.  Leaving enough room for virtual world to capture the real world and in no time, the world has now conglomerated into a global hub of chat rooms, Matchmaking sites, business, photography, promotional events, appointments for medical treatment, freelancing, window-shopping and even education could not escape from the clutches of scientific expertise.

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Ant related facts with other details

Ant Details

I will not tell all the biological Ant related facts but will discuss some fascinating things about ant.

ant related facts

Although when they come to our house for a picnic, it will bothers you but ants are social animals. Ants live in a group always and they are mainly dependent with their communication using chemicals. Coming back to the colony, we have three kinds of ants, queen ants female workers and male ants.

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