The Infinite Loop

The Infinite Loop

The story lies with the infinite loop of waiting for her counterpart

The wait was going to come to an end she thought while entering the premises of her college. With a heavy heart she looked at the walls that housed a kit of memories, little did they know that they were making memories and she smiled to herself, time flies she thought to herself. Just few years ago, she had stepped in this city away from home but now after five years, this beautiful journey ended.

Her wait was fruitful, now it was the right time to disclose about her prince charming to her family she thought but securing a job seemed more lucrative. She was supposed to assemble an hour later but she could not hold back herself and came back as soon as she could for she would be leaving the city in a month or so.

All throughout these years, they yearned for each other. She had a perfect plan chalked at the back of her mind, after he decides a location or city where he wants to settle down, she would accompany him, she would also look for a job in the same city and nobody would stop them for they would have a reliable source of income. Sharon’s roommates penalized her for being glued to her cell phone, she was even mocked at by her roommates when they found that she applied make up at midnight right before a video chat. Continue reading “The Infinite Loop”

Betrayal in Relationship

Betrayal in Relationship

Betrayal always does not mean disloyalty.


“It does not make me more or less committed to the relationship,” said the newly married Emilie to her mother-in-law who happened to be the professor of the best college in town. She expected the educated woman to understand and interpret her situation. She was born and brought up in a Christian household, sent to a convent and she was soft, docile and benevolent from the outside, only a careful reading of her inside out would give away the impression of the rebellious thoughts that her mind nurtured secretly.

Atul was the one and only son, a devout Brahman and the only tragic flaw in his character was that he was madly in love with a girl from a Christian household. He was madly in love with his childhood darling Emilie and he had decided not to settle for anyone apart from her, he was headstrong and timid right from his childhood and his mother wished he was a bit flexible so that she could convince him to marry off their caste but at last she gave up and accepted Emilie as a part of her own family.

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Caught between Beetle Block – Disclosure

Between the Beetle and the Block

Caught between Beetle Block

Act-III: Disclosure

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There is a knock on the door, the audience hears a bang on the door, Arnav rises from the bed and opens the door to the house cleaner, and she informs him that Namrata wants both of them downstairs for the supper is ready. Arnav bangs the door shut. The back light goes off. Arnav and Rhea enter the stage through the staircase. Namrata is sitting comfortably on the couch and preparing the platter. Arnav sits next to his mother on the couch, picks up his plate, and starts eating.

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Aarushi Time in Memorial


Time in Memorial

 Contemplated by the grim reality that her brilliance was, not much reflected in her intellectual pursuit Aarushi took refuge to introspection while her hands took to scribbling. A drowsy numbness penetrated her nerves and she felt prey to siesta. While she took to an ephemeral state of laze he took to the eternal state of slump. His demise transcended the moral and ethical conventions that blemished and tainted the subconscious Aarushi. The unnerving jolt had conferred to her the bitter; that he had left the world of the mortals forever.

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Caught between the Beetle and the Block – Disregard


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caught beetle block


Namrata rests herself on the couch, looks at Arun’s frame and speaks to herself, spotlights on Namrata, the audience lends an ear to her conscience.

Namrata: Ever since you left, things went out of hands; our children refuse to comply with me. Ever since you left us, there has not been a day that we did not notice an argument. Rhea wants to pursue higher studies, in a foreign land; she has mastered the art of pretension. She wants to run away from me. Your son wants to follow her footsteps.  I want them to be happy but…

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