World Oldest Manatee died at South Florida Museum

Snooty, the manatee at South Florida Museum

The world oldest Manatee died at South Florida Museum after his 69th birthday.

If you do not know what Manatees are, then they are large, fully aquatic mostly herbivorous marine mammals  a.k.a. sea cows.

Oldest Manatee died

They are generally plant eaters and peaceful like cows on land, so they are called sea cows. They often slowly eat on water plants in tropical seas like cows do on fields. Their average weight is around 400 – 500 kilograms maximum to 1700 kilograms. They spend their 50% time sleeping. They can not survive below 15 degree Celsius and that is why they are typically found near the equator so practically Africa and Southern parts of North America or Norther part of South America.

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World Chocolate Day


Yes you are right, today 7th July is the world Chocolate day. This year marks 467th year from the time chocolate has been introduced in Europe. People celebrate the day by consuming chocolate. This day is observed globally.

The seeds of Cacao tree is fermented, dried, cleaned and then roasted. The shell is also removed to produce unadulterated chocolate in rough form. They are typically sweet and brown in color.

It is one of the most popular food type all over the world and yes everyone loves chocolate.

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