Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Read more about the fate of these cute pups in this home sweet home section.

People repeatedly rejected me for my appearance, I am a mixed breed pup, and there is a deadline for all of us here at the shelter. If nobody takes us with them, they put us to sleep forever. Such is our fate. Nobody takes us out for walks, we seldom get a loving touch, I do not know who lives next to me but we are all friends.

Last night a poodle named Suzy arrived here. She seemed sad, gloomy, dull and depressed for her family left the city and they could not take her with them and so she slept with her chew toy. She was very unaware of the horrors of being a part of the shelter. Suzy did not speak unless asked to. She is snob.

Everyone who passes through the aisle notices her and falls prey to her charming aura. She has a white fur coat, very well-groomed and she is the apple of everyone’s eye. A little girl entered the room with a dog collar in her hand. We started to bark in unison in order to catch attention, Suzy was an exception to it, she sat in one corner of her kennel and I guess she was silently weeping.

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Women are always right

Women are always right

Women are always right because they can articulate a certain situation based on emotions, so they know the best long term solution out of any situation.

Women are always right

Julia and Ravin are seated in a local cafeteria sipping hot chocolate, Ravin has been avoiding eye contact with Julia in order to keep discord at bay but Julia broke the eye.

Julia: why do you avoid me?

Ravin: (confused) avoid you?

Julia: As if, I cannot comprehend your moves.

Ravin: I know you can comprehend my moves very well; we have been together for a long time.

Julia: Three years is a very long time Ravin.

Ravin: (looking outside casually trying to deviate from the topic) so what would you like to do now, its freezing cold out there.

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