Caught between Beetle Block – Disclosure

Between the Beetle and the Block

Caught between Beetle Block

Act-III: Disclosure

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There is a knock on the door, the audience hears a bang on the door, Arnav rises from the bed and opens the door to the house cleaner, and she informs him that Namrata wants both of them downstairs for the supper is ready. Arnav bangs the door shut. The back light goes off. Arnav and Rhea enter the stage through the staircase. Namrata is sitting comfortably on the couch and preparing the platter. Arnav sits next to his mother on the couch, picks up his plate, and starts eating.

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Room Number 304 Disclosure

Room Number 304 Disclosure

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Room number 304 Disclosure

Sameera burst out into tears and I had no other way but to console her as we had lost trace of her brother. My head hurt but I collected myself up to reach out to the switchboard and switched on the lights. Sameera was devastated and so was I, we left the room and went to the manager to ask for help and inform him about our great loss.

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