Aarushi Time in Memorial


Time in Memorial

 Contemplated by the grim reality that her brilliance was, not much reflected in her intellectual pursuit Aarushi took refuge to introspection while her hands took to scribbling. A drowsy numbness penetrated her nerves and she felt prey to siesta. While she took to an ephemeral state of laze he took to the eternal state of slump. His demise transcended the moral and ethical conventions that blemished and tainted the subconscious Aarushi. The unnerving jolt had conferred to her the bitter; that he had left the world of the mortals forever.

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In the Forefront

In the Forefront

The intricate nexus of the saga revolved around humor juxtaposed with intellect. With the first shower of winter, she looked forward to a new year, a fresh start to move ahead into the journey of time whereas he with utmost patience kept waiting headlong just to catch a glimpse of her face virile. Just when he was about to leave, a cold, comforting grip on his right arm was all that stopped him from advancing any further. That was the moment he had been waiting for all those years since the day he first eyed her. He didn’t know what was in store for him considering the fact that she was in a way, cold, before him as always, trying to veil her emotions of joy, anger, grief and affection whenever he tried to uncouth the truth before her. It was a folly for him to be wise where ignorance was bliss, so was she, ignorant.

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