The Infinite Loop

The Infinite Loop

The story lies with the infinite loop of waiting for her counterpart

The wait was going to come to an end she thought while entering the premises of her college. With a heavy heart she looked at the walls that housed a kit of memories, little did they know that they were making memories and she smiled to herself, time flies she thought to herself. Just few years ago, she had stepped in this city away from home but now after five years, this beautiful journey ended.

Her wait was fruitful, now it was the right time to disclose about her prince charming to her family she thought but securing a job seemed more lucrative. She was supposed to assemble an hour later but she could not hold back herself and came back as soon as she could for she would be leaving the city in a month or so.

All throughout these years, they yearned for each other. She had a perfect plan chalked at the back of her mind, after he decides a location or city where he wants to settle down, she would accompany him, she would also look for a job in the same city and nobody would stop them for they would have a reliable source of income. Sharon’s roommates penalized her for being glued to her cell phone, she was even mocked at by her roommates when they found that she applied make up at midnight right before a video chat.

Ending embarks a new Beginning


Those were the golden years of her life. Only once in a year they could catch up during the winter vacations. That was when Sharon disclosed her plans to Dhruv. Dhruv was not liked much by Sharon’s family; they had a low financial status. Sharon thought hatred would subside with time for she was daddy’s girl and he could not withstand her being sad, gloomy, dull or depressed.

Then came a call, she was expecting a call from Dhruv. Dhruv was beyond euphoric but Sharon was in tears. For a moment, she felt cheated by him for he valued hatred more than her love for him that kept him going in his tough times. How could he and why did he do that to her. Dhruv informed her that he would be pursuing a PhD abroad and that would take some five long years.

Sharon had a deadline, she would be married off by the age of twenty-five or her family would ask her beau to promise commitment. Dhruv could not promise her a commitment unless he completed his studies because he was not settled yet. Sharon’s world of dreams shattered. She was in tears for he betrayed her trust; on the flip side, Dhruv complained that nobody understood him. He expected Sharon to comprehend the depth of his situation but she could not, all that she could do was cry her lungs out.

Haunting Memories stopped her from reaching a conclusion


She complained that Dhruv had asked her to wait for some time, to which she agreed but then again he asked her to wait for some five years from now. They would just meet for once a year, and they had to lie to their families about it. What was she supposed to do try to understand him or feel pathetic about herself?

Dhruv complained that he had to take up this course in order to shut mouths of people who accused his parents of poor academic records. Sharon knew hatred has its roots stronger than love, she had decided to hold on to this man but she refused to leave the nation and pursue PhD not because she was any less qualified than he was. She chose to stay close to her family in order adhere to her responsibilities and respect the sacrifices that her family had made for her right from her childhood.

It would be wrong to say that she did not think about parting ways but then she would look for Dhruv’s reflection in every other man. She could not accept anyone in place of Dhruv and hence, she chose to hold on to the long distance relationship that someday he would understand her, But then again on second thoughts she decided that giving a second chance to a strained relationship is as good as embracing torture. She felt the void despite him being there she realized she was stuck in an infinite loop.