Women are always right

Women are always right

Women are always right because they can articulate a certain situation based on emotions, so they know the best long term solution out of any situation.

Women are always right

Julia and Ravin are seated in a local cafeteria sipping hot chocolate, Ravin has been avoiding eye contact with Julia in order to keep discord at bay but Julia broke the eye.

Julia: why do you avoid me?

Ravin: (confused) avoid you?

Julia: As if, I cannot comprehend your moves.

Ravin: I know you can comprehend my moves very well; we have been together for a long time.

Julia: Three years is a very long time Ravin.

Ravin: (looking outside casually trying to deviate from the topic) so what would you like to do now, its freezing cold out there.

Julia: Have you ever heard of Thermostats?

Ravin: (hesitating) They work indoors I was just saying that we must spend more time indoors, you seldom get time to spare, leisure you know, all by yourself.

Julia: (stern look) Yeah, I will, I know you are trying to get over it but still I would say you can read my mind and you know what is crossing my mind right now.

Ravin: Look, I tried my level best but I could not muster the courage to go through that torture you expect me to undergo.

Julia: What did you say? Torture?

Ravin: yes, as in physical abuse.

Julia: I torture you.

Ravin: I do not mean it that way.

Julia: what do you mean then?

Ravin: It is too cold now; do you want me to die?

Julia: (irritatingly) certainly not, God forbid.

Ravin: I cannot wake up every morning and jump into the shower every morning.

Julia: I think you use lukewarm water all year round Ravin.

Ravin: Yes, I cannot jump into the shower even if it is lukewarm water or a hot water tub or whatever; I shower once in a week that is enough.

Julia: I cannot believe I have been dating an unhygienic man for the last three years.

Ravin: I cannot believe that I have been dating a hygiene freak all my life.

Julia: (irritated) stop being so melodramatic.

Ravin: (giggling) Stop being so melodramatic.

Julia: (giving him a blank stare) you know what…

Ravin: (interrupts) how I am supposed to know until and unless you make a revelation.

Julia: (angrily) Men will be Men.

Ravin: (awe, claps) wow, what a splendid discovery.

Julia: (angrily) you are getting on my nerves Ravin.

Ravin: No. I am not, I am just sitting on my chair, see for yourself honey.

Julia: you are such a pain in…

Ravin: (interrupts) No cuss words honey, we are in public.

Julia: Why can’t you be normal?

Ravin: Normal is boring, I usually travel the lanes less travelled by people honey.

Julia: Don’t even think of getting an inch closer to me Ravin.

Ravin: comes forward to embrace Julia.

Julia: no, not before you take a shower.

Ravin: Common girl it has just been two days, seven hours, some minutes and a few seconds ever since I stepped out of the shower.

Julia: (looks sternly) Sorry, Do I know you?

Ravin: (holds her palm) stop your melodrama, put on your jacket, and let’s get back home.

Julia: and then you take a shower, and then…

Ravin: (interrupts) Have I ever been able to win against you?

Julia: (smiles, and nods her head in disapproval) you know I hate you Ravin.

Ravin: May the Lord save me from your crazy whims, let me know in advance when you leave for trekking again with your friends, it feels like heaven when you are not around.

Julia collects her stuff and puts it in her bag and Ravin follows her…