Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Read more about the fate of these cute pups in this home sweet home section.

People repeatedly rejected me for my appearance, I am a mixed breed pup, and there is a deadline for all of us here at the shelter. If nobody takes us with them, they put us to sleep forever. Such is our fate. Nobody takes us out for walks, we seldom get a loving touch, I do not know who lives next to me but we are all friends.

Last night a poodle named Suzy arrived here. She seemed sad, gloomy, dull and depressed for her family left the city and they could not take her with them and so she slept with her chew toy. She was very unaware of the horrors of being a part of the shelter. Suzy did not speak unless asked to. She is snob.

Everyone who passes through the aisle notices her and falls prey to her charming aura. She has a white fur coat, very well-groomed and she is the apple of everyone’s eye. A little girl entered the room with a dog collar in her hand. We started to bark in unison in order to catch attention, Suzy was an exception to it, she sat in one corner of her kennel and I guess she was silently weeping.

The divine feeling when she embraced me

I feel pity for her, I am on an elevated pedestal I believe for I have never known what is it to be loved or cared for. I am sure she is finding it a bit difficult to adjust herself here for nobody Pampers her or appreciates her for her good looks.

We are always competing with each other, in order to catch up with the deadline. Last week a senior dog was silenced to death for nobody adopted him, and there was a complete litter of pups waiting outside to be nurtured and the authorities always complain that they are running out of funds.

I don’t understand what kind of solution it is in order to house a life they take away another, the senior dog could understand he will be put down shortly unlike many he did not torment the authorities with frivolous rebukes he just kept silent. I really do not want to meet an abrupt end like him and hence I strive hard so that people adopt me as soon as possible.

Right when the little girl came nearer to my kennel I started barking and Voila! She looked at me and smiled, she came closer, opened the door, and took me in her arms, I felt the warmth of her innocent love but contrary to my expectation, she left me in my kennel and rushed towards Suzy as soon as she saw her.

I found a new home…

Suzy did not respond she had lost faith in humanity; it is obvious on her part because she was thrown into this shelter as her humans decided they could not take her with them. As the little girl approached her, she turned around and started to lick her paw that was her own way of grooming herself, aligns more with a bossy cat I believe.

The girl looked back at me then, I thought she would like me doing the same so I also put some cotton ball on my head and started licking my paw, she laughed her heart out, I was appearing stupid, trying to imitate Suzy won’t magically turn me into a poodle. I had not in the least expected that the next few minutes would change my life forever, but hold on until I narrate what happened next.

She opened Suzy’s door and tried to touch her, Suzy was reluctant at first she probably tried to convince the little girl to maintain an arm’s length but the girl failed to comprehend her actions. Suzy could not tolerate her for any longer and barked at her. She was horrified and came running to my kennel, she opened the door and took me in her arms again and gifted me the dog collar that read Buffy. Ever since then she calls me Buffy. I pray for all the dogs in my shelter and I hope they are adopted before the deadline arrives.